Driving new Business Development

Whilst modern day marketing disciplines such as social media are now fundamental to building brands, the importance of selling and sales generation can never be forgotten.

We have created a sales generation service for our clients called SalesCentric.

It’s quite simple – you tell us how many new sales leads or which clients you want to sell into and we give you a set monthly fee to activate the sales pipeline. We use our vast private and business networks along with our partners to develop sales engagements for our clients to make sure sales goals are achieved.

Every business needs SalesCentric, from our start-up clients to our established bluechip clients. It’s simply our business development service to make sure our clients succeed. Ultimately, if our clients grow, we grow. The service has stemmed from our desire to drive ROI for our clients’ investments in our marketing services.

Our SalesCentric service is delivered through a selection of our unique services:

  1. Setting up brand partnerships
  2. Our client database
  3. Personal introductions through our industry and private networks
  4. Target audience understanding through our partners
  5. Existing client relationships introductions/referrals
  6. Partner referrals and sales enablement to the right customers
  7. Understanding our clients and target markets

Through our sales generation services, we make sure our clients are driving sales and brand awareness in the right ratios to maintain healthy cash flows.

To discuss driving your sales in 2016, please click here to discuss SalesCentric.

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