Video is set to represent half of all European online display advertising spending by 2020*. Our marketing agency has proven successful at delivering brand consistency for all print and digital media, including bespoke video services. For our clients, this means we offer a growing specialism in creating bespoke video productions and work hard to ensure that these capture the essence of brand identity and vision, as well as captivate target audiences. Our experienced team has worked on many large international projects, bringing people and businesses to life in high-quality video.

By working with our experienced team on brands such as BT and Cisco, deVilliers Communications specialises in producing video that captures the imagination of your customers and, just as importantly the people who work for you.

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Want to be fired up by your film options? Please visit our guide to creating a great corporate video : 6 Keys to Creating a Great Corporate Video

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* Forrester Research is one of the most influential advisory firms in the world listed on the Nasdaq : FORR

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