We want to take our clients to the stars

We start every client project by immersing ourselves in your business: getting to know your organisation, objectives, products/services, market – including all past, current and future trends – and the challenges and opportunities you face. To do this we combine a variety of research methods to give us a thorough overview. For example, we employ both field-based as well as desk-based research and conduct detailed studies of marketing trends and analytics.

Our strong market research process forms the foundation of our approach so that we can deliver the right marketing services for our clients. We strive to offer absolute confidence that the marketing strategy we deploy offers the right ROI for our clients.  We will also present a proven track record in testing our concepts before we engage in wider initiatives. This enables us to ensure that budgets aren’t wasted and time is not lost on campaigns that are not relevant. We like to give absolute confidence that the chosen marketing strategies are fit for our clients’ purpose and present the best option for maximum ROI.

Once we have provided our core marketing strategy for our clients, we’ll then offer detailed proposals on how we will deliver the right digital and print services, along with integrated communications and media, to get the right results.

After the completion of our planning, we constantly make sure these communications are optimised by checking the analytics and talking to the target audience. Our measurement of performance is a continuing part of our on-going refresh programme, which we follow closely with our clients. Often our clients are fully focused on delivering campaigns and we can act as a strategic advisor to make sure that this effort is being direct in the most effective way.

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