How to segment a market | target audience understanding

Understanding your market is absolutely fundamental to successful marketing campaigns. The more you understand the your audience the more tailored you can be in creating your unique offering. We recommend this three core marketing principles in building your understanding of the target market

1. Describing

Describe exactly the market you are entering. What do they desire? Where are they? Or are they? What do they like? Where do they shop? What drives them? Once you can accurately describe the target market you will crystallise your thinking and building marketing strategies that will deliver profitable results.

2. Understanding

Do you understand your market?, do you understand your target audience? Ask the questions of the potential customers and friends, find out exactly what the target audience want, do they like online marketing? Do they want to buy online? Once you understand the market, the competitors and the potential market place you can start to see the opportunities for your business.

3. Predicting

Once you can accurately describe your target audience and properly understand the market place you can start predicting how to enter it with your unique offer. Often as an marketing agency we work with our clients to structure the right marketing campaigns to enter new markets and audiences. The ability to predict is build up from making sure your have gone through this process and have tested your thinking.

Our market agency prides itself on this process and we look forward to collaborating on new projects, visit the team to discover your next marketing strategy.