“It has been an exciting start to the year with several new clients selecting us for events in 2018.” Nick de Villiers CEO

Our event services include creating an event concept, delivering the event and then bringing the concept to life through our digital and merchandising services. We also use our WordPress expertise to create micro sites to activate a digital journey in harmony with the events on the ground. We believe this integrated approach brings together the highest levels of return on investment in key marketing activities. We appreciate the importance of making every marketing investment count and have a proven track record of delivering strong ROI led marketing.

We are experienced at working at senior levels and making sure we offer the right experience for all our clients. We look forward to working with several new clients in 2018 to create “events with excellence“.

To discover more on how we can work and create marketing that delivers on business development objectives, please email our sales team: sales@devillierscommunications.com