The Power of Persuasion – Digital marketing combined with compelling events

Influencing buyer behaviour increasingly requires a diverse mix of communications in order to win hearts and minds. The digital world has seen a dramatic increase in marketing campaigns with the worldwide adoption of smartphone technology. The smartphone manufacturers are constantly looking to improve the digital experience but does this lead to the levels of persuasion needed to convert into sales?

Our latest client marketing campaigns have found that a compelling event strategy aligned to digital advertising has been key to transferring brand awareness/logo recognition into sales conversion. Whilst many businesses are moving away from retail there are many ways to make sure your products and services can be touched, smelt, viewed or discussed by your sales and marketing teams.

Our Services in this area

Brand Partnerships

We have been working with many of our clients to strike strategic partnerships to offer complimentary services and reduce the cost of events and share locations and marketing budgets. Finding the right brand partnerships and synergies is key, we have a strong record in aligning the best partnerships to drive your brand equity.

Event Venues

Our business has strategic partnerships with many of London’s key venue destinations, this means we can negotiate the very best commercials and services for your events. The right location is key and needs to attract the right audience for a successful event.

Event Promotion

We activate our events through our networks built up over the last 20 years of business. We make sure these events are positioned effectively to drive a strong return of investment for your marketing budget.


Our team have been supplying merchandising for events since 2014, we have supported events with audiences of 20 people up to 17,000 attendees around the world. From branded T-Shirts to branded gifts, we have the experience to make the most of your campaign. We are also committed to looked at services in this area with the lowest carbon footprint, the environment is key to our approach for our clients.

We believe that by working with our team your brand can persuade your target customers to convert into loyal customers.

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