The team in London are delighted to have increased our revenues by 266% in the last 12 months. This has been based on a 100% service delivery record over the last three years on our agency sales and marketing services. To further scale our activities we have decided on the East Midlands for our Digital Centre of Excellence in 2018. We have selected the East Midlands due to the quality of digital talent coming out of the universities in the area along with digital marketing talent nearby. The East Midlands also has excellent transport links into London and across the UK. Being near East Midlands airport also means that we can access international markets post Brexit along with Heathrow and Gatwick from London.

Our Digital Centre of Excellence with be an state of the art office accommodating 60 digital marketeers and graphic designers to support our clients both in the UK and internationally. We believe the Brexit vote presents a unique opportunity to create a UK based team to support UK businesses looking to grow into new markets around the world. The deVilliers Communications digital centre of excellence will provide specialised digital marketing services that will make sure our clients activate their brands in the most effective ways.

Our team will be market leading in aspects such as digital strategy, search engine optimisation, leadership in technical set up along with creative content creation and global promotion of our clients online and offline. Our ability to offer this integrated approach has seen us differentiate from our competitors as we work from digital marketing campaign creation through to merchandising services like branded polo shirts.

We will be looking to recruit the latest marketing talent along with experienced international digital professionals. The new facility will also be our digital marketing training centre to make sure we take our people on a journey of career development in the new digital generation.

To further support this investment we are wanting to secure four additional clients on £250,000 per annum retainers on three year agreements based on agreed deliverables in the UK and international markets. This level of commitment will mean we have the long term revenues to secure the right office space at competitive rates for our new digital marketing team.

The digital centre of excellence will be specialising in helping our clients amplify their brands in home markets aswell as international markets post BREXIT. A big focus will be to work with our clients on strategies that activate brands in global economies such as India, the United States and mainland Europe.

If you are a business leader that is considering a long term digital marketing partnership to grow your business and interesting in being one of our major clients, contact us to take advantage of our Digital Centre of Excellence we would love to hear from you. We will be focussing on delivering marketing leading digital marketing at attract commercial rates based on long term success.

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