The UK temperatures are dropping and we can sense the time is upon us to start planning our own 2019 event programs. It has provoked lots of conversation in the office on what types of events we should consider to help further grow our marketing agency in 2019. We have pulled together our Top 5 reasons to have a well organised event.

  1. Face to Face | While there are many ways to connect with customers we still believe that their is no better connection with a potential customer than talking to them about your vision, products and benefits at an event. The ability to convey a message is much more tangible and customers and can ask questions and gain the confidence they need to move forward with your business.
  2. Having Fun | All to often business can get a little serious, not intentionally but with busy schedules customers often are looking to get to the next meeting and become focussed onto time rather than absorbing information. A well organised and creative event that involves activities and content can facilitate the right environment for new ideas and purchases.
  3. Unifying your own team | Well run events not only motivate your potential customers but importantly motivate your own people. We all need inspiration in our work lives and events showcase our businesses in the very best way. A motivated workforce can really increase customer satisfaction and the overall workplace by creating a positive energy. Sales and brand awareness are driven from this positivity.
  4. Building partnerships | Through our events we have created many new partnerships to help our clients and brands access new potential clients. Everyone wants to keep their brand moving forward and accessing new people and marketing concepts can help grow your business.
  5. Sales | Our events have led to a tremendous amount of new business, often it can be at the event or in follow up campaigns around the event. Businesses need a return on investment and by working with us we have shown our clients a tremendous return on capital invested in our events. We all need to deliver value in marketing and our events have a real focus on making sure our clients have the opportunity and incentives to buy.

If your brands and businesses are looking to activate new events in 2019 we would be delighted to hear from you. deVilliers Communications was founded in 2014 and works with many of the UK’s leading small, medium and corporate businesses. From events right through to merchandising we would be delighted to assist with your requirements.

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