The content of marketing is continuously changing and the power of big brands is the driving force behind this. The marketing campaign of any product or service requires a fresh and innovative development to allow a firm to differentiate itself from competitors and any previous campaign it may have launched.

One aspect fundamental to any business is the marketing of its products and services. Any marketing campaign must ensure that products are being sold at a suitable price, also being promoted across the correct marketing platforms. A range of marketing communications should be used to make the products and services relevant and comprehendible to a range of people, this can range from visual media within London tube stations, to the influence of music to create a catchy jingle which will remain in an individual’s mind.

On the basis of this innovation is therefore recognised to be important in marketing.

Social Media and Trading Formats

Innovation can help to add value to your business; a recent rise in social media usage has meant organisations are able to see what consumers are saying about their product/services, highlighting the importance of the use of innovation in marketing as a method of reaching both potential and existing customers to take advantage of their creativity.

A rise in new trading formats, such as online ordering, has resulted in the integration of innovation in marketing becoming essential to reach the maximum customers across several formats; a lack of innovation can lead to loss of a legitimate opportunity for a business.

Unique selling point

What is different about your product/service compared with that already offered by a competitor? With a rising number of firms offering the same product/service it is critical to your business to ensure innovation is used in the marketing of products to allow consumers to differentiate your business from other firms.

Competitive position

Any business strives to achieve a competitive edge, innovation in marketing will allow your business to respond to existing opportunities and recognize ones that may occur in future. This can help to establish and maintain competitive position as the market changes, additionally helping with maximizing shareholder value.

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