The race for leadership in the modern marketplace has never been greater, brands need to be constantly refining their business strategy and operational delivery to continue to grow, whilst creating marketing campaigns that connect. Even the biggest brands have these challenges, as we have seen with Apple in recent weeks, the need to innovate or risk losing market share is always present. Continually evolving your business requires dynamic management and an innovative approach to marketing.

Our marketing agency founded in 2014 and we have been working with a diverse portfolio of clients over the last four years which has given us a unique insight. With 2019 on the horizon we wanted to share our Top 5 Keys to Success in 2019.

    1. Being secure

The digital economy is moving rapidly and most businesses are now on a digital transformation journey to meet ever changing online demand. The Black Friday sales last week showed the importance of a strong online platform but we see the need for secure platforms as the key for success in 2019. Downtime is now one of the big threats to all e-commerce orientated business. With cyber crime set to increase in 2019 the ability to secure client data and your core assets will be key. *By 2020, the number of passwords used by humans and machines worldwide is estimated to grow to 300 billion. (SC Media)

    2. Being relevant

Customers are constantly taking on new information through new channels such as video and digital media. This means that trends, buying behaviour, needs, wants and importantly desires are changing at very quick speeds. How a brand checks and tests their position will be key along with making sure the messaging is able to move as customers likes change. We maintain that all businesses need to lead their marketplace, clearly most startups can be more disruptive but they have the challenges of funding and growing pains. Every business needs to analyse their markets, we often do this with our clients but see this as even more important in 2019. * Today, nearly all top-performing B2B content marketers – 90% – put their audience’s informational needs ahead of their company’s sales/promotional message. Content Marketing Research Group.

   3. Taking a Wider View

It came to us this week at the post office when the lady in front of us in the queue was sending parcels to 15 different countries that taking a global view has never been more important. Most countries we can now track delivery, this means great international opportunity for growth. How much time does your business dedicate to your international strategy. We believe that this will be a key trend in 2019, with BREXIT coming in some shape we believe the UK market needs to think big on how new markets can be opened. *Even if your brand is already doing business or selling in multiple countries around the world, identifying the specific local markets around the world that are outpacing the rest of the world and pinpointing those that are projected to grow significantly in the coming years can provide your company with a clear path to faster growth. On top of that, targeting fast-growing markets can provide your brand with a strong competitive advantage when your competitors are ignoring certain markets or are simply late to the game. Lingoport.

  4. Adapting to new Technology

This year we have heard a lot more about AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning and various other new technologies. We know 5G is around the corner for mobile broadband and this will open up many more new business opportunities. We believe adapting to these new technologies will be a key trend to business growth in 2019. We recommend that everyone makes time for reading up on the latest innovations that could be used in your marketplace. Whilst blockchain technology is great for currency there is no doubt this might work in your sector. We believe that taking the lead in your market can be achieve by new technology into your existing business models. With so much information online we recommend a cup of hot chocolate and some bed time reading for this one!

  5. Being a good corporate citizen

Well, this is key – corporate responsibility has always been there but more than ever businesses need to act it rather than talk it. As we have seen with the fashion industry being challenged on the throw away culture and landfill, brands need to consider their ethical position. We believe not only in business operations, but importantly how people internally and externally are treated will be defining for your brand. With social media everyone has a voice and poor corporate citizenship is not an option, businesses need to think what is good for the world before what is good for them. The customer is looking for the modern day brand hero much more than ever before.

To sharpen your thinking and communicate the right messages to you clients for success in 2019, visit our team of professional marketeers. We love a coffee and we promise to not use plastic cups! Say hello, email us to make time in the diary:

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Nick de Villiers

CEO, deVilliers Communications

We are proud of our 100% year on year growth since 2014, we wish everyone a very successful finish to 2018 and hope we can be part of your marketing plans in 2019.