November 2018

Our Top 5 Keys to Success in 2019

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The race for leadership in the modern marketplace has never been greater, brands need to be constantly refining their business strategy and operational delivery to continue to grow, whilst creating marketing campaigns that connect. Even the biggest brands have these challenges, as we have seen with Apple in recent weeks, the need to innovate or [...]

August 2017

6 Sales and Marketing Tips & Ideas to grow your Business

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6 Sales and Marketing Tips & Ideas to grow your Business To grow a business these days, one needs to understand why traditional sales and marketing strategies are failing and how to develop a sales marketing strategy that works. What is Sales Marketing? A well-crafted combination of sales and marketing is necessary for successful business [...]

April 2017

What is SEO and Why Do You Need It? Discover our Digital Marketing Process

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In a nutshell SEO or search engine optimisation is the practice of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “natural” or un-paid (organic) search results. This terminology is quickly becoming outdated as a means to describe what digital marketing companies actually offer. You see in the past SEO [...]

Our 7 Key Processes to Successful Website Migrations

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Migration Process Firstly it's important to note that a thorough testing process via a development version of the new website is absolutely vital if the aim is to minimize the risk of a loss in natural search visibility. This means that the structure for the new website should be determined prior to any migration planning [...]

Strategy and Innovation- Why innovation is important in marketing?

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The content of marketing is continuously changing and the power of big brands is the driving force behind this. The marketing campaign of any product or service requires a fresh and innovative development to allow a firm to differentiate itself from competitors and any previous campaign it may have launched. One aspect fundamental to any [...]

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What Makes a Great Marketing Campaign?

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It is suggested that the main feature of a marketing campaign is to help flourish and develop a brand; a marketing campaign therefore must use various marketing channels including TV, radio, print, digital, merchandising and social media to communicate a brand and its concept to its consumer market. As a marketing agency we will help [...]

February 2017

The Use Of Video & Social Media

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Social media is imperative for business performance. Facebook alone had 1.86 billion active users in the final quarter of 2016, Facebook and social media outlets alike provide an tremendous platform for marketing content such as video. This gives businesses the ability to enhance business performance with targeted and relevant content. Video as a form of [...]

10 Key Strategies for Successful Business Development

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At deVilliers Communications we are passionate about driving new business for our clients. Our team has over thirty years of business development experience, built up from working at companies such as Orange, BT, Sky Sports and many more. As a team we have created our Top 10 business development activities to help drive your business [...]

January 2017

The Three V’s for Customer Engagement

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Our marketing agency wanted to highlight the importance of the three V's this year to driving higher customer engagement for our clients. Video, Visual and Virtual reality. Our first V is Video content. With video content set to grow dramatically this year, we believe all our clients will need a comprehensive video strategy. The creation [...]

Our View for 2017 | Optimism is the Way Forward

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Our View for 2017 | Optimism is the Way Forward The year ahead looks full of opportunity for businesses in the UK, both at home and abroad. Why? With the UK government and the new incoming US administration wanting to drive pro business growth agendas, we see this as a time to be optimistic. These [...]