The team have been very focused on delivering marketing services for several of our major clients this summer. The summer event season is such an exciting time to reach new customers with innovative communications.

We have further developed our event merchandising services with several new commercial partnerships with suppliers around the world. Our capability to offer very personalised marketing which is truly unique means we can offer brands new strategies and creative approaches.

We are now working with many of the UK’s financial institutions on delivering personalised merchandising services along with events across the capital.

Importantly, in an era of performance tracking, we also make sure our marketing services deliver a solid return on investment. Our ability to clearly define marketing goals for events and campaigns, means we can align our communication services in the most effective way.

With our marketing and business development portfolio strengthening year on year, we believe we can offer new and existing clients services that deliver effective results. To discuss building your brand and ultimately turning brand equity into sales revenue, give our professional team a call today.

We specialise in honest, dynamic and straightforward communication insight, from marketing research to campaign targeting and delivery. Start building your business and brands with deVilliers Communications today.

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