December 2017

HarmerSlater increase services with deVilliers Communications in 2018

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Well done to all the team working with HarmerSlater this year. We are delighted to be increasing our agency services with this excellent accountancy and auditing business.  Over the past two years we have completed a range of communication services including digital marketing, website upgrades, content management and business development services. We are delighted to now [...]

April 2017

deVilliers Communications selected as Global Marketing Event Partner

By |2017-04-14T18:24:05+01:00April 14th, 2017|Company News, New clients, New Partners|

It has been an exciting week for us! We have been selected to provide our merchandising services for one of the largest global brands in the world for their 2017 global event program. We are suppling our creative merchandising services to the Dallas, London, Madrid and Bangkok in the month of April to kick start [...]

March 2017

deVilliers Communications working on Milan Luxury Design Event

By |2017-03-28T19:43:14+01:00March 28th, 2017|Company News, New clients|

The financial year end is coming to an end in three days time and our team have been busy driving for a strong finish to our financial year end. A shameless plug but we throughly recommend our accountancy partner HarmerSlater managed by Tim Slater as an excellent accountancy firm to get your year end accounts and [...]

February 2017

The Use Of Video & Social Media

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Social media is imperative for business performance. Facebook alone had 1.86 billion active users in the final quarter of 2016, Facebook and social media outlets alike provide an tremendous platform for marketing content such as video. This gives businesses the ability to enhance business performance with targeted and relevant content. Video as a form of [...]

January 2017

Be Smart with Smart Cube | Merchandising for 2017 New in

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Looking for an edge to your 2o17 marketing initiatives? We spotted these Smart Cubes at our last merchandising conference and we love them. The can be branded inside and outside and offer a great opportunity to bring your logo and branding to customers in a very useful/creative way. To discuss Smart Cubes and how Emma [...]

The Work Begins | Back to it | 2017 is off and running!

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2017 is here and we are all back into the groove for the year ahead. The end of the financial tax year is on the 31st of March and this is a great time to invest unallocated budgets in marketing services before the financial year end. We have also received several orders from international clients [...]

Our View for 2017 | Optimism is the Way Forward

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Our View for 2017 | Optimism is the Way Forward The year ahead looks full of opportunity for businesses in the UK, both at home and abroad. Why? With the UK government and the new incoming US administration wanting to drive pro business growth agendas, we see this as a time to be optimistic. These [...]

December 2016

Merry Christmas from Everyone at deVilliers Communications

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We would like to wish all our friends of the business a very Merry Christmas this year. It has been an amazing year for us and we really appreciate all the support in growing our marketing agency further in 2016. The year has seen us start several new relationships with a number of very exciting [...]

Inspiring Christmas Marketing Quotations

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Mark Mullen, chief executive and co-founder, Atom Bank – "The truth will always out" "You have to be honest about what you're doing. If you're trying to sell something, don't pretend you're just 'having a conversation' – people will smell a rat. Great marketing is built on truth, and the truth will always out. Society [...]

December begins | Personalised Marketing Services

By |2016-12-01T22:00:15+00:00December 1st, 2016|Company News, New clients|

The month of November has been incredibly busy for our marketing agency. We have seen a large increase in new campaigns for the Christmas season and several of our clients investing in personalised merchandising to reinforce campaigns and brand positioning. Campaign personalisation and audience relevance have been hot topics of discussion in the office. We [...]