Social media is imperative for business performance. Facebook alone had 1.86 billion active users in the final quarter of 2016, Facebook and social media outlets alike provide an tremendous platform for marketing content such as video. This gives businesses the ability to enhance business performance with targeted and relevant content.

Video as a form of marketing is undoubtedly one, it allows for targeted campaigns, has a huge publicity potential and can be administered using existing social and email platforms. This use of existing media platforms such as Facebook also allows for video to be brought forward in the form of endorsement through the outlet of highly influential social networkers, the influence of endorsement marketing has grew in recent years and is now worth over £156 million. We are now able to source the most viewed influencers in each market segment to give our clients new ways of reaching their target audiences.

We are now managing paid and organic campaigns over a range of social media platforms with our performance dashboards and our month reporting. These innovative campaigns can be shaped to suit campaign objectives and outcomes. We also specialise in managing email marketing to support your media campaigns, we offer a service to make sure your email marketing platforms are also integrated into your in house CRM systems. Ultimately, we want messaging to be simple and effective.

To set up a marketing strategy and a 2017 campaign plan for the next financial year, please call the office or contact us