Our View for 2017 | Optimism is the Way Forward

The year ahead looks full of opportunity for businesses in the UK, both at home and abroad.


With the UK government and the new incoming US administration wanting to drive pro business growth agendas, we see this as a time to be optimistic. These agendas will no doubt have their challenges post the UK’s exit from Europe but we strongly believe that consumer appetite for exciting products and services will outweigh any cracks on the road ahead.

So, what does this all mean for businesses looking to take advantage of this pro business sentiment? Well, in our view the businesses and brands who continue to reinvest in results driven sales and marketing campaigns will be the winners. We note the comments in the Times Newspaper this week from the CEO of EasyJet, Dame Carolyn McCall on her insights, “Moreover, in aviation, history shows us that when times are tough, strong airlines get stronger and the weak get weaker” 3rd January 2017.

The temptation to reduce spend on sales and marketing is often the first area of focus if confidence begins to diminish. In our opinion, the UK business community needs to get onto the front foot and take the initiative and on a truly international scale. With UK manufacturing figures showing growth, it is an exciting time for marketeers to further support this business growth with the latest thinking and marketing technology. We believe marketing campaigns that can distinguish our businesses both at home and abroad will be the winners in 2017.

With more and more people deciding to set up new businesses across the UK, it also provides entrepreneurs a real opportunity to take advantage of these new economic conditions. A weaker pound will present opportunities and consumers are changing at a rapid rate, the ability to tailor products and services presents a real opportunity for businesses who are agile and able to move quickly.

Our marketing agency is growing sustainably through working with our clients to make sure money invested in marketing services delivers sales generation. One thing we don’t like doing is wasting money on marketing that doesn’t derive outcomes for our clients. With more and more data and insight available on customer behaviour both in the UK and internationally, the ability to target customer effectively has never been more achievable.

So we believe Optimism is the Way forward in 2017. To drive effective marketing into your business click here. Our agency has quadrupled sales revenues in 2016 through our proven people and process. We believe we can help your business take advantage of these economic and political conditions today.

Happy New Year from the team at deVilliers Communications


deVilliers Communications now work with several UK and US brands on building sales and marketing campaigns that are focused on driving sales outcomes. If you are a marketing professional or business leader we would be delighted to hear from you. Our integrated marketing approach focuses on the bottom line sales return across a total marketing plan. Our ability to coordinate consistency and story telling across a range of media makes sure that our clients achieve strong return on marketing investment ‘ROMI’.

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