Our marketing agency wanted to highlight the importance of the three V’s this year to driving higher customer engagement for our clients.

Video, Visual and Virtual reality.

Our first V is Video content.

With video content set to grow dramatically this year, we believe all our clients will need a comprehensive video strategy. The creation of personalised video which is creative and easy to understand will capture customers across the most relevant media platforms. We have seen the emergence of several new businesses and brands in 2016 who have attracted new audiences with interesting and useful video.

Our second V is Visual.

While video is growing, successful marketing campaigns will always need strong visual imagery to get the attention of new and existing audiences. Whilst more campaigns are moving online, the need for distinctive visual imagery will be key to bringing new customers to your campaign messaging and social media feeds. We have recently commissioned several new photography projects, in a variety of locations across the UK. This will help in building new imagery libraries for 2017 that are tailored to our campaign objectives. As we all know, first impressions count, so the visual impact and engagement on websites and campaigns can be greatly enhanced with high quality imagery and graphic design.

Our third V is Virtual reality.

The ability to convey experiences and messages in new ways will be key to helping customers understand our client’s services. We now work with some of the latest technology to bring new virtual experiences to life. This means you can bring people into your offering in a new and exciting way. This link shows an interesting insight into virtual reality with an interview with Michelle Obama on the way she uses marketing platforms to target the right audiences as First Lady.

The ability for our clients to capture the imagination of the customer using the three V’s will be key in 2017.

To discuss a personalised marketing campaign, using the three V’s, call us or email our sales team.


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