Websites and how to make sure they perform

How do you know if your website is mobile friendly?

The easiest way is to get a mobile or iPad and visit your website, if it is doesn’t fit to your screen neatly with all the text within the screen, your site is not optimised for mobile use. This really makes it difficult for visitors on the move to look at your services and information within your website. Another downside is that Google’s search engine rankings rate sites that are mobile friendly more favourably which means your search engine results are not optimised.

With more and more smartphones from the likes of Apple, Samsung being used by more and more users around the world the importance of creating websites, mobile applications and digital marketing that is easily accessible on a mobile device is now key to your marketing fundamentals.

What makes a great website?

We believe that a great website is one that is ease to understand the services offered and gives a create view of the brand in a simple and effective way. One consistent aspect of great websites is consistent branding and layout consistency throughout the site. This gives new users the ability to find the information and services they are looking for in a quick and effective manner. Sites that are mobile friendly and have a clear ordering of information are now key to helping new visitors navigate. We also believe that video within your sites is an excellent way to put your services forward in a clear fashion. This also gives you options for sharing within social media to help create your brand identity further.

One aspect we encourage our clients to do is to have a people section within their website to show people the team and the roles they play within the business. We suggest some good quality photography to bring the team to life or some creative illustrations of the people along with their personal career and life experiences. We encourage our clients to invest in high quality imagery to go on their websites to really give a strong vision of the business. We also believe that understanding your visitors and what they like is key. Investing in time to understand Google Analytics which is very simple to set up will mean you can track your website visitors and begin to improve your site based on how much time your visitors spend on the site and how they navigate.