As a marketing agency we work with many different businesses on a day to day basis and you see at first hand the importance of brand equity in growing a winning business.

So what is brand equity?

Well, the first part is straightforward, ‘brand’ means your business or product in your customers mind, what do they really think about your offering, what do they feel and understand of what your business stands for in the world. The second part is slightly more tricky, much like when you pay off money off your mortgage or off a car loan you begin to increase the actual value that is realisable if you were to sell. Therefore ‘equity’ is the amount of value/money within an asset, the great brands of our generation, such as Nike and Virgin account for their brand equity or brand value within their company accounts, such is the value to the overall business.

Building up brand equity

Building brand equity is therefore a very important part of every business and this is ultimately what customers think of your business and has a massive impact on the value of your business for the long term. As a full integrated marketing agency, we are focussed on building the value of our client’s brands to make sure their brand strategy is aligned and refreshed on a regular basis. Much like the City of London in the picture above a great brand always evolves over time.

The Digital Generation

Moreover, in the new generation of digital technology the linkage between brand equity and digital brand presence has never been more important. Recent reports into brand performance, especially in sectors such as fashion retail are now citing that customers are now rating brands more heavily on their digital services, such as websites and online shopping services. So, the modern marketing manager and marketing department needs to consider a much more digitally aligned strategy to continue to develop strong brand equity.

Obviously, all the digital agencies in the world would like to draw this important development, however we realise through our integrated marketing approach to developing brands that a multi online/offline approach is now fundamental to building businesses, from digital services to bespoke events, creative print campaigns along with attention grabbing brand merchandising.

Why we are different

Customers need to understand the brand story clearly. Our role is to make sure that our clients deliver the right integrated marketing approach in a consistent and clear way to drive the right brand messaging at the right time. Ultimately building long term brand equity for our clients and more money to reinvest in future business growth. We are all very passionate about creating success for our clients and this in turn creates new jobs in London and across the United Kingdom which we believe is so important to the wider economy.

Is it time that you looked at your brand equity?

Let’s make time to meet you and begin a detailed review of your current brand equity. Through our proven process, starting with market research and understanding your customers, we can start making sure your business is building brand equity for your Directors and shareholders.

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