As a marketing agency we are working with businesses from Start ups to blue chip FTSE 100 companies. The digital generation is certainly here to stay but we wanted to remind our clients that social media falls into a much wider marketing strategy to grow brands and ultimately drive sales.

So firstly, you do need to have social media presence these days and have detailed this in some of our previous articles. However, we have detailed a number of other key areas to drive you brand awareness and sales. It can be too easy to think that social media will mean your business thrives.

Our 4 keys to making your brand grow:

1. Be present and be personable

People love to meet and understand the people working within your business. Giving your people the opportunity to meet your clients will activate your staff and improve job satisfaction and ultimately drive employee motivation. Brands are built from your people inspiring your clients, give them the opportunity through client networking events and conferences and meetings. Firstly, you get the bonus of your customers seeing different people within your business but importantly your staff feel a greater connection to your brand and business goals.

2. Outdoor advertising

New brands need new personas, events and face to face engagement with new clients are incredibly powerful. A lot of purchasing behavior stems from trust and confidence, when people meet people they gain trust and start to believe in your proposition. We recommend all businesses invest marketing budgets into creating opportunities to get your brand out to your target audiences. At deVilliers Communications we provide our clients with all the tools, such as banners, business cards, merchandising, props, music and promotional services to make sure you are ready to create a unique first impression.

3. Personal energy

This element is so important. Great businesses stem from great personal energy from people. This element can’t come from social media. We suggest meeting clients regularly and remember why they selected you. Make time to put the phone down and go out for coffee and talk about their worlds and how you your business impacts them. Making a purchasing decision needs a positive feeling and this energy will make sure this happens.

4. Proposition clarification

Sometimes talking and sharing in a much more two way orientated discussion will lead to greater brand engagement. Often, with so much online information customers don’t engage. Clearly, pull digital marketing can work but if you are talking in person they are much more likely to share their views and you can introduce your proposition in a very clear manner. Often our website designers aim to bring our clients proposition over very clearly but the reality is that in person you can make sure your client properly understands it. Your social media can then reinforce this messaging. This field work then plays such an important part of your overall marketing and sales strategies.

So, we recommend that you take a good look at your work diaries and engagements and make sure your teams and people are engaged in face to face engagements with your target markets/audiences. As a marketing agency we often take our creatives and support teams to our meetings to bring new insights to our meetings.


80% of your time with clients will certainly change your sales pipelines, it’s getting warmer in the UK and with so many great venues and outdoor advertising opportunities it is an ideal time to look at your marketing strategies. The remaining 20% of your time with your wider communications reinforcing your brand. It is all about a balanced approach but we certainly believe in making sure you use a variety of approaches in growing your business.

To discuss how we can create, shape and deliver your marketing strategies with services such as our merchandising, outdoor promotion and advertising you can click here to set up a meeting