With digital transformation now at the top of many boardroom agendas we wanted to evidence how integrated marketing can deliver in this increasingly connected world. With many of our core services now provided over the internet, such as banking, we wanted to demonstrate why our marketing approach delivers in the connected world.

Customers are now moving to digital services as are advertising budgets, this is creating a huge influx of marketing spend into online channels such as Facebook and Linkedin. With every trend we need to understand the impacts on marketing and campaign effectiveness. We like to treat our client’s investments carefully and make sure we get ahead of the trends and achieve the optimal campaign results.

The digital world is now extremely congested and we are predicting that customers unless significantly engaged with a campaign or story will ignore a large majority of this increased marketing activity. Whilst we are getting smarter in understanding the demographics and stage in the buying cycle of each person, we still need to consider what overload of messaging can do to buyer engagement. Unless customers are engaged strongly from their first impression of a brand or campaign they will often switch off.

Our marketing agency believes that success in the digital arena is driven by a multi faceted marketing strategy, all with this same story telling and campaign structure. Depend on the campaign objectives we believe in engaging customers in a much more personal way. The age of personalisation is upon us and sales teams need to be able to position their campaigns with the right supporting events that are on campaign, in terms of location and structure. We then make sure the first items a customer receives spark interest to learn more, clever merchandising, relevant to the audience is an effective way to bring people to your brand.

We then look at bring this thinking to our print and outdoor marketing services to get the brand moving forward quickly. What is the value of Virgin Galactic to Virgin Group? It is effectively another way of generating interest in their innovation story and growth as a business. This activates people to learn more and visit their websites and engage with their messaging.

Brands need to have a truly integrated approach to win in the Connected World. Whilst more and more people rely on digital services the need for a multi faceted approach has never been more critical. As with TV, we have seen the emergence of Netflix to give customers a new way of engaging content on demand. Importantly, Netflix invest heavily in print to the door and active PR to generate interest in their digital assets.

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